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Will ChatGPT Replace Google Search?

Published 25 days ago • 3 min read

May 24, 2024

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Has ChatGPT Launched Its Search Product In Stealth?

ChatGPT4o was released this week and they quietly included a search feature that crawls websites.

Instead of answering a query immediately, it now says “Searching the web”. - That’s Bing.

Then it will provide the output/answer and include the websites crawled. Citations are provided as well. The search experience is easy to use and less intrusive than Google’s AI experience that launched within the SERPs last week.

The article has screenshots of the new experience and ways to summarize and help you create better prompts, for better answers.

Fish Food:
This could be an interesting shift for users to ChatGPT over Google. While our Google overlords are still, well overlords, there is a surprising shift to be “anti” Google. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has said Google is boring and the world doesn’t need another Google. If you haven’t opted into the new ChatGPT4o, now is a great time to experiment.

Slack Has Been Siphoning User Data to Train AI Models Without Asking Permission

No more sh*t talking about your co-workers, Slack is using your internal data to train their AI. A user found the language in their terms and conditions. After posting about it on X and asking WTPrivacy, Slack quickly responded under the same post, confirming that it is indeed using customer content to train certain AI tools in the app. Inconsistencies in Slack’s policies don’t offer much help.

60 Days, 58 LinkedIn Posts, 568,000 Impressions
Text-based posts still reign supreme, but keep them snappy, the content needs to be easily scannable. Use polls to see which ideas are worth pursuing. Invest time in creating a great headline and don’t be afraid to get personal.

Killer Tips For Content Marketing To Generate Digital Buzz

Is your content marketing strategy creating a buzz? If not, you can make some small changes to better leverage your published content that can lead to BIGGER results. Apply some of the following tips to create a little buzz in your target audience without completely overhauling your content.

  • Leveraging AI and Emerging Technologies - use AI for topic generation.
  • Creating Engaging and Valuable Content - focus on content that solves problems
  • Maximizing Distribution and Engagement - find and use the platforms your audience is using.

Fish Food:
Content marketing shouldn’t be written in stone. You need to learn how to adapt to what your audience is looking for. If it worked in the past, start there first, but if you are not seeing the kind of leads or traffic you're looking for, try something new.

32 Customer Service Email Templates to Support, Renew, & Refund Customers

Just as important as handling a furious customer over the phone is sending an email to calm an upset customer. Using the right customer service email template can help your resolution process and improve customer satisfaction. This guide covers a list of best practices for writing customer service emails, tips for responding to angry messages, and a collection of the best customer service email templates for various scenarios.

TikTok Users Continue To Grow and Evolve
TikTok has proven to be a goldmine for advertisers. Well over half (64%) of weekly TikTok users agree that advertising helps them select what to buy, compared to just 46% of the general population. TikTok users are also more likely to trust influencer marketing than the general population, at a rate of 47% to 27%, respectively. Weekly TikTok users admit to being more impulsive, with 59% of users agreeing they “tend to make impulsive purchases” compared to 45% of the general population.

Web Design Glossary: 38 Terms & Definitions You Need To Know [Infographic]
Check out this infographic to help you communicate with your website designers and website maintenance team. (psst - if you’re looking for a one-stop shop - Neon Goldfish can help)

Here are a couple of common terms most people know:

  • Above the Fold
  • Analytics
  • Lead Form

Here are some that you might want to polish up on:

  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Design
  • Sitemap
  • Browser Testing

How Google Harms Search Advertisers In 20 Slides

In the U.S. vs. Google antitrust trial, the Department of Justice (DOJ) argued that Google manipulated ad auctions and inflated costs to boost its revenue, which harmed advertisers. The DOJ presented a summary and slides during their closing arguments that focused on search advertising to support their case.

Key points included:

  • Google’s Monopoly Power: Defined by the DOJ as the ability to control prices or exclude competition. Evidence showed that Google, as a monopolist, does not need to consider rivals' ad prices.
  • Internal Evidence: The DOJ highlighted quotes from Google employees discussing strategies to raise ad prices to increase revenue, reinforcing the claim that Google used its monopoly power to manipulate the market to its advantage.

Fish Food:
It’s no surprise that prices have increased for advertisers over the last few years. Still, now Google employees are testifying that Google artificially inflated runner-up bids to force advertisers to increase their bids. You can see the spotlight slides with commentary and the full slide deck from the trial in the article.

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