Did the Presidential Debate Rejuvenate X? 🇺🇲

July 5, 2024

This Week's Top Marketing News

Happy Independence Day from Neon Goldfish

While the entire Neon Goldfish team is celebrating America's birthday with a long 4-day weekend, we didn't want to leave our loyal Fishbowl Friday readers hanging.

We have a shortened version of our weekly marketing newsletter this week and will resume the normal format next Friday.

How to Take the All-Important Second Step in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Any business that has started a content marketing strategy knows that getting buy-in from everyone in the company to contribute to the process of creating valuable content can be challenging. After you make it over this first hurdle, you face another one… getting the work done.

It can be challenging for a brand that is not used to all the action items required to produce content. This requires time from multiple people within your organization… time they might not have readily available to devote to something they’ve never done before.

Just like starting anything new, the best route is to begin slow at a cadence your team is comfortable with. As you begin to grow your new content marketing muscles, you can take on more action items and increase your output.

Supreme Court Punts Flimsy Laws Limiting Social Media Content Moderation

The Supreme Court was busy this week ruling on several cases including one proposed by Florida and Texas that would restrict social media companies from “moderating objectionable content on their platforms”.

As usual, there are arguments from both sides. Some say the censorship power these social media platforms have in curbing the narrative at their discretion. Others fear a world where everything that anyone wants to publish is available for consumption.

A decision was made to send the two independent cases back to the lower courts for ruling.

Musk Claims X Reached Usage High After Presidential Debate

What’s that spark that Elon needed to pull X out of the slumber it’s been in since he bought the company? How about two old guys arguing on National TV about their golf games during a not-so-Presidential debate?

76 billion seconds of usage might seem like a lot but when you break it down, it’s only about 12.6 minutes per user in the U.S. considering all of that activity happened on the same day. While this does seem like a metric win for X, it is probably not the silver bullet that Musk has been hoping for.

Why Writing by Hand Beats Typing for Thinking and Learning

Times are tough for pen salespeople. Everything is digital these days including the notes we jot down for meetings or planning out our next “can’t miss” marketing campaign.

It turns out that the lost art of writing things out on paper rather than typing into a computer can help engage the brain to learn and retain information better. The complex motor skills required for handwriting force us to slow down and think about what we are transferring to the paper. For most, typing is very automated leading to a potential loss in retention.

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