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June 28, 2024

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27 Copywriting Examples From Businesses With Incredible Copywriters

The most successful marketing strategies all have one thing in common. Excellent copywriting. A great copywriter can instantly connect a consumer with a brand and generate the desire to experience the value their product or service can bring to their lives.

Not everyone is gifted with the ability to create “drop everything and pay attention” copy. In fact, most people struggle with writing mediocre copy. Fear not. Here are 27 copywriting examples from businesses with incredible copywriters that can get your creative juices flowing.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Cards Against Humanity - They embrace the offensive and uncomfortable with their card game which aligns perfectly with their audience. It’s hard to argue with a company that labels its product as a “party game for horrible people”.
  • BarkBox - Their playful copy uses terminology that people use to talk about their dogs. The website language is very casual and appeals to dog lovers.
  • ModCloth - They use copy that helps their target audience see themselves wearing their products. Their pun-filled copy starts at the headlines and carries through into the product descriptions.
  • Who Gives a Crap - How can you make toilet paper appealing? They started with a name that cannot be denied and continued with copy that grabs attention and makes people smile.
  • Really Good Boxed Wine - Boxed wine is not well respected by most wine snobs. Their copy aims to change that narrative by addressing common objections to boxed wine in a fun way.

Fish Food:

The common denominator in all these examples is that customers are humans who are starving to be communicated with rather than talked to. Great copywriting begins by fully understanding who that ideal customer you want to do business with. Stop trying to sound overly polished and professional. Get on their wavelength and speak their language. They’ll appreciate you for it.

Google Dropping Continuous Scroll in Search Results

Google is once again undoing a big change to the SERPs. Continuous Scroll was launched on mobile in October 2021 and then on desktop in December 2022 as the new way Google users could experience an endless stream of search results. Google announced they will revert to the previous version using a “Next” button at the bottom of SERPs on desktop and a “More” button for mobile. They stated the change is to provide faster loading results that the user requested.

Why Brand-Building Matters, Even When You Can’t Measure It

Too much focus is placed on chasing immediate results. Sure, it’s important to employ marketing tactics that can quickly move the needle but only placing your emphasis on bottom-of-funnel efforts can leave you chasing your tail. You want to incorporate brand awareness tactics into your marketing strategy to build trust and reputation with current customers and prospects. Creating and sharing valuable content is one of the best ways to help accomplish this. The more you can serve your customers, the more they will appreciate you and your brand. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Bandit Running Steals the Show with this Amazing Marketing Strategy at the US Olympic Trials

Olympic trials are happening right now. The big brands (Nike, Adidas, UnderArmor) sponsor athletes by having them wear apparel with their logos. NY athletic apparel company Bandit Running noticed a problem. Not all the athletes competing in the trials had an endorsement deal. They launched the Unsponsored Project, which pays unsponsored athletes a small fee to wear all-black, unbranded apparel. Additional tactics for the campaign include billboards to let everyone know athletes wearing all black were part of their Unsponsored Project. The 35 athletes partnered with Bandit stand out at the trials because the all-black apparel has no branding, unlike everyone else. This also helps the big brands identify which athletes are not sponsored, allowing them to offer sponsorship deals to those who perform well in the trials. This is a cool way for a company with a smaller budget to be part of the Olympic conversation.

Applying The 7 Rs Of Marketing To Your Life

First appearing on Quora, business mentor and coach Charlene Walters answers the unasked question of how to apply the 7 Rs of marketing to our daily lives for personal and professional growth.

However, after we found this gem, we decided it might be fun for Susie to take a stab at being Susie and, since it featured R’s, to talk like a pirate.

The Cap’in Walters be sayin' that just like these principles be helpful like in business, they can also be guiding ye scallywags in achievin' yer personal goals:

  • Research: Conduct thorough research to find out what ye need to do to seek out yer treasure, er, goals.
  • Rates: Understand yer own worth and value to avoid settlin' for less than ye deserve.
  • Resources: Gather and use all the tools—physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional—to support yer aims.
  • Retailing: Position yerself in the right places and surround yerself with positive influences.
  • Reliability: Stay committed to yer goals and the people ye treasure.
  • Reward: Consider what ye bring to yer relationships and what ye can offer.
  • Relationship: Build strong connections that help ye grow and find happiness.

By applyin' these here principles, ye can market yerself like a true pirate and sail towards yer dreams with the wind at yer back! Arrrrr

Fish Food:
Aww come on, that’s hilarious. We do love a good pirate pun. These R’s arrrrr - pretty good at helping you make the most of any marketing initiative and can help you see the benefits in your personal or professional life. If you find yourself in stagnant waters, start looking at applying these R’s to set a course for growth.

Amazon Mulls $5-10 Monthly Price Tag for Unprofitable Alexa Service

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Alexa quickly became a household staple and one of Amazon’s most popular services. The problem Amazon faces is that Alexa is not making the company money and is exploring ways to monetize to the tune of $5-10 per month. This news comes on the heels of the tech giant recently surpassing the $2T valuation milestone. It sounds like my kids are going to have to find new ways to instantly access fart noises through the connected devices in my home. Darn it!

10 Best Customer Service Texting Software in 2024

SMS customer service is a form of communication that allows a business to interact with customers via text messages to their phones. There’s no denying that SMS is one of the least cluttered channels making it a great way to get your message across. SMS customer service software leverages technology to make deploying these messages easier and even automatic based on certain triggers. Setting up this technology has never been easier. HubSpot compiled a list of the 10 best customer service texting software platforms for you to quickly get the message to your customers. These platforms do range in functionality and price but all perform the same basic task of sending text messages from your business to your customers. Check it out.

How to Create a B2B SEO Strategy in 9 Steps

Most businesses either sell B2B or B2C. While general marketing principles apply in nearly every buying cycle, the approach and the tactics used for B2B can be drastically different than B2C.

B2C typically focuses on one buyer who needs a product solution, while a B2B opportunity might have several decision-makers needing multifaceted solutions.

HubSpot is here with a detailed outline of how to build and tips for creating and maintaining your B2B SEO Strategy.

  • How to Build a B2B SEO Strategy - Be sure you do the work and conduct in-depth keyword research. Finding someone who might be doing better than you? That’s ok, run a competitor analysis and find out why they rank better and how you can update your website and messaging to reach your potential leads. Review your current website content and work on your domain authority, starting and building a blog, creating content clusters, and optimizing your landing pages.
  • Tips For Creating a B2B SEO Strategy - After you get your strategy working, start running regular content audits. Are the keywords you want to rank for ranking? Focus some of your efforts on thought leadership and focus on your customer service. Customer questions can be a treasure trove of helpful information and can often uncover content ideas you can use on your website.

Fish Food:
Now, to be clear, give yourself some grace. SEO doesn't happen overnight and you won’t go from not ranking to page 1 this week. Remember to be agile. Give the strategy time to mature and develop but keep a watchful eye so you can decide when it's time to pivot. With consistent effort, you can make gains in the SERPs.

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