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UK Makes Bad Passwords Illegal 🚨

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May 3, 2024

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How to Transform Your Google Ads Headlines with Anti-Audiences

You only get 30 precious characters to make an impact on people looking for your services, so why would you want to include text to attract anti-audiences in your ad copy?

Great ad headlines can help your potential customers make a split-second decision about your services and know that it’s precisely what they are looking for.

Your ad needs to smartly qualify each click.

You want your ad to attract and convert your ideal clients while encouraging everyone else to pass by your ad.

Not only does this approach prevent unnecessary clicks – saving you money – it also boosts your conversion rates by focusing on those most likely to convert.

So, what exactly is your anti-audience?

Your target audience is people who will say ‘yes’ to your offer and actively seek your specific products.

Your anti-audience is everyone else. They are not ready to say ‘yes’ to your offer. They might be interested in your service but are not ready to convert. You do not want to waste time and CPC budget on this audience.

The article includes anti-audience examples and reworks current ad copy to include an anti-audience in it. It also covers:

Step 1: Decide who’s in and who’s out
Step 2: Tailor your ads to attract and repel
Step 3: Know your metrics

Fish Food:
This article is pretty specific to Google Ads, but we could argue that any headline is better when it’s hyper-specific to your target audience or those ready to say ‘yes’ to your offer. Using anti-audiences in your headlines on your website, in ads, and even keeping top of mind when creating your content will help you weed out the tire kicker type clients and hopefully leave you with the type of buyer looking specifically for your services.

Avoid Traditional Marketing Metrics To Prove Content’s Real Value

Success metrics in content marketing are different than the KPIs you use in traditional channels. You want to leverage valuable content to foster stronger connections with a wider audience beyond just immediate purchasers. It's about playing the long-term strategy, nurturing a substantial rapport so that when they buy, you're perceived as a trusted source.

Meta Confirms Launch of a Bonus Program for Creators on Threads

Meta has launched a limited-time, invite-only program to reward creators with “individualized” incentives to earn additional revenue. This is an attempt by creators with large audiences to increase the usage of the Threads platform.

What Is Video Advertising, And Why Should Marketers Care?

Are you trying to understand video ad metrics across different platforms so you can analyze and capitalize on their ad campaigns effectively? This video guide can help. The guide covers questions like, What constitutes a video ad? How are video views measured on each platform? It also explores key metrics relevant to video advertising success.

5 Ways Content Marketing Has Changed Since ChatGPT Launched

OpenAI announced the launch of ChatGPT on November 30, 2022. Within a few short months, headlines about the tool flooded the media outlets and over 100 million users were actively entering prompts into ChatGPT.

There’s no denying the content creation industry had a gigantic array of emotions about how AI would impact their craft. Some looked at these new tools like a New York cab driver suddenly seeing all these cars with Uber signs stealing rides from them. Others looked at the opportunity ChatGPT could bring to the very laborious content creation process.

Justin Belmont, CEO of a content marketing agency, outlines 5 ways ChatGPT has changed content marketing in the past 18 months.

  1. There’s a hot new content marketing vertical: AI - The topic of AI is dominating every industry providing content creation opportunities. AI is not going anywhere so be the voice of how it can impact your industry.
  2. Our audiences have learned how to spot AI-generated content - Your readers know your voice and they can tell when something seems robotic or a little too polished. Most of the content you create should have your personality which cannot be replaced - yet.
  3. ChatGPT helps content marketers streamline the writing process - AI has been a fantastic tool for helping writers produce unique content. The content creation process involves many steps, some of which require a lot of “legwork” that ChatGPT can fast-track output.
  4. Content marketers have added prompt engineering to their resumes - The more content marketers use ChatGPT, the better they get with the prompts they enter to generate the optimal output. Content marketers are becoming skilled at telling ChatGPT what to do so it can deliver the best results.
  5. Writers have new ways to keep content fresh and personalized - AI is not limited to just generating text and images. It is also instrumental in serving personalized content to visitors based on first-party data. This allows a customized presentation of content most relevant to a buyer persona and the stage they are in the buyer’s journey.

Fish Food:
We have two choices when it comes to OpenAI. Embrace the change or fear it and be left behind. Google has recently altered its algorithm to combat the low-quality content that diluted their SERPs and valuable content created by skilled content marketers is once again rising to the top. Content marketing has never been more important to an effective marketing strategy. The fundamentals of marketing withstood the test of time including the introduction of the internet, social media, and smartphones. The steps we take are different but how and why we buy remains the same.

Advanced Social Media Marketing Tips for Dynamic Growth

Make social media part of your content strategy by setting clear goals, like growth or brand authority. Focus on engagement by prompting interaction with strong calls to action in your posts and videos. Maintain a consistent presence across platforms, ensuring uniformity in your messaging and timing. Target the right platform for your audience. Stay updated on platform changes and growing trends. Track metrics to gauge success. Adapt content for each platform's unique requirements.

'Admin' and '12345' Banned from Being Used as Passwords in UK Crackdown on Cyber Attacks

European countries act fast when it comes to privacy protection. Now, they are targeting lazy passwords. This does not mean UK residents will be raided in the middle of the night and taken away to prison for using easy-to-guess passwords. Rather, they are requiring internet-connected device manufacturers to implement minimum password security standards.

Eight Newspaper Publishers Sue Microsoft and OpenAI Over Copyright Infringement

Newspaper publishers that include the New York Daily News, the Chicago Tribune, the Orlando Sentinel, the Denver Post, and the Orange County Register are taking legal action against OpenAI and Microsoft for the use of their copyrighted articles without permission or payment. They claim that the current version of ChatGPT (GPT-4 LLM) will generate results of “near-verbatim copies of significant portions of the publishers’ works” easily proving their claim.

This is not the first time OpenAI has faced legal challenges. The New York Times filed suit against OpenAI four months ago stating ChatGPT was using the publisher’s content without consent. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stated they were in productive negotiations about compensation with the New York Times before the lawsuit was filed.

Some might argue this is the latest attempt by a traditional media channel to keep pace with a rapidly evolving digital world and recoup lost revenue. Others will state that OpenAI should adhere to the same copyright rules that everyone else does and they are not immune because of its ability to generate heavily altered content in microseconds.

Fish Food:
The rapid adoption of OpenAi in the past year and a half has been a whirlwind of excitement and fear impacting just about every industry. At the core of everything, the fundamentals of copyright must be respected. Original creators should be able to maintain ownership of the content they produce and all humans and/or robots should be held accountable for the output they create. Our recommendation is to use ChatGPT as a research tool to aid in the content production process and continue to create your own content to convey messages in your own voice.

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