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The Miley Cyrus Approach to Marketing

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March 8, 2024

This Week's Top Marketing News

The Miley Cyrus Approach To Marketing — Why It's a Radically Different Method For Achieving Brand Impact

Ken got a bit grumpy when Susie suggested this, but I promise there will be a lesson!

What does Miley’s Grammy win and marketing have to do with each other?

In her acceptance speech, when she won Best Pop Solo Performance, she told a story: “There was a little boy that all he wanted for his birthday was a butterfly. And so his parents gave him a butterfly net, and he was so excited. He just went outside out in the sun and started swinging and swinging. But with no luck, he sat down on the ground. He finally let go, and he surrendered, and he was okay that he wasn't gonna capture this beautiful butterfly. And right when he did, the butterfly came and landed right on the tip of his nose. And this song 'Flowers' is my butterfly."

So many marketing tactics are interrupting - screaming “Buy Now!” at their audience - casting a more comprehensive and wider net to capture your customers or “butterflies”. Instead, when thinking about your marketing, we should stop and think more about how we can get them to come to us instead.

  • Connect with Your Audience: Rather than bombarding customers with messages, focus on genuine connection and partnership with them.
  • Offer Something Unique: Emulate brands like Apple by offering innovative, attractive products or services that naturally attract customers.
  • Authenticity Matters: Embrace honesty and authenticity in your brand, letting go of rigid metrics in favor of genuine connections and joy in marketing.
  • Serve Your Customers Well: Treat customers respectfully, protect their interests, and prioritize their experience over simply making a sale.

Fish Food: We're not connecting by shouting messages at our customers all day - every day. Prioritize building relationships and attracting customers rather than aggressively chasing them down. Encourage a more genuine, empathetic, and customer-centric approach to your marketing.

Google Is About To Purge the AI Spam Littering Its Search Results Are spammy articles keeping you from climbing the search ladder, err, SERPs? Google recently announced it is cracking down on AI-generated content. Google says they'll prioritize quality over quantity, aiming to bring users the best online experience. Say goodbye to those clickbait-y, low-value articles cluttering up your search results. It's time to focus on authentic, helpful content that adds value.

10 Steps for Creating a Content Calendar for Your Brand [Infographic] - If you haven’t made up your content calendar for the year - it’s ok; this infographic can help! It outlines the steps to create an actionable and robust calendar to keep your content stocked up for 2024. After you define your goals and have a good lock on your audience, you need to pick the right platforms and start planning themes. Determine your schedule and remember that selling 24/7 is a no-no.

The 7 C’s of Social Media Marketing [Infographic] - According to Knowledge Enthusiast, the 7 C’s of social media marketing are community, content, curation, creation, connection, conversation, and conversion. Understanding these C’s and what each means helps marketers thrive on social media. We would add that there is an 8th Consistency to this list. This could be a list called the C’s of “Building,” as you should aim to build with each of these C’s. By building community and conversation, you’ll make connections with your customers.

Facebook, Instagram Hit by Outage: Thousands of Users Reported Problems Including Getting Logged Out

Meta's family of apps, notably Facebook and Instagram, grappled with widespread technical disruptions that persisted for over two hours on Tuesday, March 5th. Issues included being unexpectedly logged out of their accounts and encountering error messages like "Something went wrong. Please try again." These problems prompted a surge in reports on Downdetector, with more than 500,000 error notifications received by approximately 10:40 a.m. ET.

Amidst the chaos, Elon Musk took the opportunity to troll Zuck and Meta on his platform, X. Musk's lighthearted dig, "If you're reading this post, it's because our servers are working,".

The irony wasn't lost on observers, with Meta's intermittent service disruptions drawing comparisons to past incidents in October 2021 and March 2019

Fish Food: Meta reassured users that the company had resolved the technical glitch. However, the incident serves as a reminder not to put all your eggs in one platform’s basket. Diversify your platforms, and don’t forget to own your marketing.

How To Achieve Business Podcasting Success - Podcasts can meet a lot of needs: entertainment, education, and awareness, to name a few…but if you’re a business with an interest in podcasting, how can you achieve success and grow your business through podcasting? A business podcast differs from an entertainment podcast in purpose, format, tone, and target audience. While it may not garner the same vast audience as entertainment podcasts, a strategic approach can still yield valuable benefits by addressing content and resource limitations effectively and establishing connections with industry experts, key figures in client organizations, and prospective clientele.

85 Social Media Call to Action Ideas to Improve Your Online Marketing—You may be posting on social media, but do you have a great call to action (CTA)? A concise and pointed CTA within your social media posts can help your customers understand what you want them to do. This infographic covers great CTA ideas, such as ways to get people to visit your blog, buy products, engage with your posts, follow your business, and get more email opt-ins.

100 Website Copywriting Mistakes That’ll Make People Leave Your Site

This is THE round-up you need when you are creating your content. This infographic roundup from Grammer Check helps you identify some possible mistakes you could make in your content.

They give examples of clutter words like “all of” and “as a matter of fact.” These phrases are often used and can be eliminated from your writing. Get to the point faster and stop cluttering your messages.

Common confusion points out words like “affect,” effect,” “amount,” and “number,” while very similar, do have different meanings, and make sure to use the correct one in your messages.

Lazy words like “better” and “maybe” are not clear.

Choosing words that really resonate can help you connect with your audience and convey your message clearly and authentically.

Spice up your copy by eliminating boring verbs like “close” or “sell” and instead pepper in words like “block” or “secure” and “market” and pitch.”

Fish Food: By eliminating clutter words, correcting common confusions, avoiding lazy word choices, and spicing up your verbs, you can enhance the clarity and impact of your messaging. So, take these tips on board to ensure your copy connects effectively with your audience and leaves a lasting impression. Happy writing!

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