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Snoop Dog Gave Up Smoke and Got a CEO Fired

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January 26, 2024

This Week's Top Marketing News

How to Bring Personality to Your Content

Too much of today's content is being generated without enough emphasis placed on who it is written for. Especially those overly using AI to chun out high quantities of low-quality content.

The content you create should be written for a specific audience. This is the exact reason marketers create buyer personas… so we do not create generic content for the masses that ultimately connects with no one.

We need to make sure our buyer personas go beyond demographical information and tap into the personality types of our ideal customers.

Demographical data focuses on external factors of a person like family composition, where they live, went to school, and like to do in their spare time. Personality types focus on psychological aspects revealing what motivates them and their values.

Understanding your customer personality types helps find new ways to segment customers to better market to them and increase their loyalty by showing you care.

Here’s a quick overview of 4 personality types:

Type A = Goal-oriented, pragmatic, entrepreneurial

Type B = Outgoing, enthusiastic, easily bored, not detail-oriented

Type C = Detail-oriented, stable, not emotional, relies on facts

Type D = Dependable, trustworthy, introverted, fear the unknown

Fish Food: Content marketing should be focused on the ideal customer you want to do business with. Try to identify the personality types of your buyer personas and tailor content that aligns with their characteristics. This will help you create content they will find valuable and connect with.

I’m Sorry Goes Further Than Store Credit - No one likes to have a bad experience purchasing with a brand. When your order gets misplaced, they double-charge your credit card, or your chicken parm sandwich shows up at your door with no chicken, what type of response do you want to get you back in the good graces with that brand?

All companies make mistakes. You want to make sure the customer is completely satisfied doing business with you and you’re willing to (within reason) do what you can to not only right the wrong but try to make up for the error.

It turns out that consumers prefer an authentic apology rather than compensation in the form of a discount or store credit. An apology helps the customer regain self-esteem after a mistake that made them feel disrespected. It makes the company seem moral and they care about their customer feelings.

So, the next time you’re dealing with a customer upset about an unpleasant experience with your company, immediately fix the problem and follow that up with a heartfelt apology. Science says it goes a long way.

Will AI Take Your Job? Maybe Not Just Yet, One Study Says - AI dominated headlines in 2023 and sparked widespread fear that it would quickly eliminate jobs that humans perform. A recent MIT study thinks this might not happen as soon as we originally feared. They found that while AI is capable of performing automated tasks, it cannot currently perform all tasks necessary to fully replace all the necessary functions of most job positions. Yes, as AI continues to improve and companies figure out ways to integrate it into their day-to-day processes, it will likely lead to the eventual replacement of job roles that exist today. The great news is, there’s time to adjust and adapt for both the good and the bad.

Google Tests New Nearby Events and Deals Features for Local Businesses - A new Google search feature visible on mobile devices will show Google Business Profile posts promoting deals and events from nearby businesses. This new feature appears further down the Google results page and will display 4 tiles that include the company name, a promotional photo, and a review rating. At the moment, clicking on the tile only shows more information about the promotion or event and does not have a “show more” option to lead to additional information. Head over to your GBP and explore ways you can add a promotion or event to help increase your visibility to local searchers.

How SMBs Are Repurposing Content

Remember that killer blog post you wrote last year that received a lot of great feedback when you published it? You might, but most of your audience does not.

You do not have to keep coming up with new groundbreaking ideas for every piece of content you produce. There’s a good chance that you have a sizable library of great content you already created that needs to be resurrected and repurposed for continual promotion.

Repurposing content is the act of taking existing content and adapting it for use in different formats and/or across different channels. This allows you to leverage existing content to reach a broader audience and get this content in front of people who might have already seen it again.

The benefits of repurposed content are:

  • Save time by reusing content you already have
  • Improve brand visibility by getting ideas in front of more people
  • Increase engagement with your brand with more frequency
  • Reduce the overall cost of content creation by not starting from scratch for every piece of content
  • Reach new audiences
  • Make content more available and sharable on multiple platforms

Repurposing content is not difficult to do. It simply requires reshaping the existing content into a different format. Of course, feel free to add or enhance the existing content, especially if it’s been a minute since you created it.

Common ways to repurpose content include:

  • Break down a blog post into smaller snippets to share on social media
  • Transcribing a video into a blog post or blog post into a video
  • Creating a podcast of a video or blog post you already have
  • Converting existing content into an infographic or slide deck
  • Recording a webinar of an existing piece of content to serve as an on-demand video
  • Editing long-form videos into video shorts
  • Turn a blog post into a thread on X

Fish Food: One of the biggest challenges marketers face in content marketing is finding new ideas to convey to their audiences. As time goes on, content marketing can seem redundant and repetitive. Repurposing content allows you to reuse existing content you already have for ideas you know are tried and tested. Beyond all of this, content marketing takes time and money. You want to make sure you’re getting the best ROI on your efforts. This handy infographic breaks down all the advantages of content repurposing.

30 Brilliant Marketing Email Campaign Examples [+ Template] - 3 things are certain in life. Death, Taxes, and Email Marketing deliver a great ROI. Email marketing continues to be the top tactic in most well-designed and performing marketing strategies. As marketers, we are always looking for new ideas to weave into our mix. HubSpot created a list of 30 email marketing campaigns with examples from notable brands like Netflix, Etsy, Spotify, and Starbucks. We are confident you will find at least one email idea in this list.

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing - Social media can be a great platform for beginning conversations and building relationships with customers. The problem is most struggle with how to effectively use social media beyond publishing random messages that get little to no engagement. Emphasize the word “social” in your strategy and start looking at social media as a giant party you just walked into. Lots of people in the room are potential customers and others are important people who share common goals and can help one another.

Here is a quick rundown of the list.

  1. Listen First, Then Talk
  2. Build Relationships with People Who Have Bigger Audiences
  3. Start Your Own “Tribes”
  4. Don’t Spam People
  5. Make Your Social Media Activities More Automatic - and More Personal
  6. Engage with User-Generated Content
  7. Utilize Visuals to Enhance Your Message
  8. Regularly Monitor and Adapt Your Strategy
  9. Leverage Hashtags Wisely
  10. Collaborate with Influencers and Industry Leaders

See the full article for more information on each.

Solo Stove Burns Marketing Team Over Snoop Campaign

Back in November, rapper Snoop Dog tweeted the following which got a lot of attention.

“After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time.”

Of course, this went viral because Snoop Dog is well-known for smoking weed.

This tweet was part of a marketing campaign with Solo Brands for their Solo Stove fire pit. A video aired shortly after showing the rapper sitting in a chair and talking about how he was tired of coughing and his clothes smelling bad. As the camera zooms out, it shows him sitting in front of a smokeless Solo Stove fire pit.

This campaign collected 30 million likes, comments, and shares on social media.

Seems like the perfect influencer + brand match made in heaven.

Whelp, Solo Stove says it did not have the impact on the revenue they expected and decided it was time for a change in leadership replacing then-CEO John Merris.

Fish Food: As Robert Rose points out in this article, this was a brand awareness campaign that was not meant to be measured directly by revenue. Even if one of the core KPIs for this campaign was revenue, the decision to oust Merris after the campaign was only live for a mere 6 weeks is laughable. My guess is this was a fantastic reason to force a change in the guard over at Solo Stove.

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