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February 16, 2024

This Week's Top Marketing News

You're Wasting Your Time Creating Social Media Content

Do you feel like when you post on a social media platform, you’re just screaming into the void?

Neil Patel found some interesting numbers about daily posts on the various platforms your business might be posting on. Just look at how many daily posts are on each platform!

  • TikTok – 23 million
  • YouTube – 216 million
  • Facebook – 350 million
  • X – 500 million
  • LinkedIn – 2 million
  • Instagram – 95 million

Between those 6 social networks, this is over 1.1 billion new pieces of content are being published.

Woah. Is this where we give up?

Absolutely not! He breaks down 7 tips to help you keep your social media content fresh and generally excellent.

Tip #1: Post something new and fresh that people haven’t seen.
Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to have your opinion… it makes your content stand out.
Tip #3: Provide value, from education to stats and data, and make sure people walk away with something.
Tip #4: Only leverage trends when it is related to your industry
Tip #5: Collaborate with other people within your space (it will amplify your reach even if they don’t have many followers).
Tip #6: Share stuff from your personal experiences; it’s hard for other people to replicate that.
Tip #7: Post the type of content each network wants, Short form, Long form, and interviews get the most engagement

Fish Food: Social media can be a time suck, especially if you're posting what everyone else is posting. If you are going to take time to post on social media, put in a little additional effort (using these tips) to get more out of your efforts. It can seem like a grind but it's the little things we do every single day that compound into big results down the road. Show up every day!

Google Rolling Out Branded Local Services Ads - If you are running LSA (Local Service Ads), check your account. Over the last week, Google quietly opted advertisers into Branded searches for LSA calls. If you have an LSA account you’ll want to check this setting.

Love at First Click: Wow Website Visitors with KISS & Minimal Design - Love is in the air this week - with minimal website design. If the KISS method is what you’re looking for, check out this awesome infographic. The use of negative space, san serif fonts, color palate, and simple navigation can help you WOW your visitors with minimal effort.

Beyond Transactions: How to Build Lasting Client Partnerships - From the first interaction, you can set the tone for building a lasting partnership with your clients. In the article, you’ll discover practical ways to improve relationships with your clients. These easy-to-follow guidelines including seeking feedback, word-of-mouth marketing, and defining customer experiences can help you improve not only your customer service but your relationships with your customers.

The Big Game Recap

Over 120 million people watched the Super Bowl on CBS. Big brands and brands that had frequency were some of the big winners this year. Temu - the shopping app had a stronghold in ad space this year with 3 ads spending $21 million in ads. Due to the increased Swiftie demographic, there was an increase in advertisements from brands like Dove, NYX Professional Makeup, and e.l.f cosmetics.

Some notable takeaways from the Super Bowl

  • Longest Super Bowl in history - This was only the second time a Super Bowl has gone into OT. The other was Atlanta’s epic meltdown loss to the Patriots in 2017.
  • Taylor Swift was mentioned on social media over 148,000 times peaking at the end when the Chiefs celebrated their victory
  • Top brands were Temu (33,040 mentions) and Verizon (31,340 mentions) followed by a sharp drop to Doritos (3,430 mentions), FanDuel (2,740 mentions), and CeraVe (2509 mentions).
  • Beyonce was the Queen of mentioned celebrities appearing in ads with 75,680 mentions followed by Carl Weathers at 7,7290. RIP Apollo.

You can see the data numbers and projections in this article from Brand Watch.

Some of our favorite ads included:

You can see these ads and more in this recap from CBS.

Fish Food: The Super Bowl brought out heavy hitters. With the largest audience on a single network, time will tell if the bang and buzz were worth the big bucks.

50 Best Online Local Business Directories & Listing Sites - If you're a local business - or any business - you want your customers to be able to find you. Utilizing business directories and listings can help your business build citations for not only your address but also boost your SEO. This article from HubSpot covers the benefits of business directory listings, how to choose the best listings for your business, online directories, and the best free listing sites.

The 10 Best Logos of 2023 - Ranked - Looking to update your logo in 2024? You want to make sure your update resonates and doesn’t fall flat - looking at your Olive Garden. Here are several brands that updated their logos recently. Brands like Nickelodeon Sundance, Jell-O, 7Up - Putting the ‘7’ up and Pepsi all found success with an update to their iconic branding.

5+ Real Ways AI Can Benefit Your Content and Marketing Today

While everyone is buzzing about AI writing all your marketing copy, the reality is that authenticity is becoming the driving force behind copy that resonates-and you can’t get that without a human touch.

However using AI as a productivity-enhancing tool is becoming an increasingly valuable asset for content marketing, you just need to know the right prompts.

1. Tap into the data - reveal vital audience trends overlooked by traditional analysis.

2. Add a research assistant - improve interview question quality through targeted research.

3. Gain an SEO expert - identify search trends and capitalize on ranking opportunities.

4. Partner with a brainstorming buddy - prompt with your content or subject matter to find overlooked angles and approaches.

5. Onboard AI assistants to your team - ensure you know any governance standards, have a great prompt library, and a measurement strategy.

Fish Food: AI’s ability to take the info you provide and then gather data from multiple sources and extract vital insights can provide answers to questions like: Why are my open rates on these particular emails higher? The key to getting the most out of AI is by using its robust features to enhance your strategy, not just spit out 800 words.

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