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Google Cookie Crumbles, DIY SEO, & The Big Game Ads

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February 9, 2024

This Week's Top Marketing News

Want To Watch Super Bowl 2024 Commercials Before the Big Game? These Ads Are Already Live.

Do you watch the big game for the football or the ads? With over 100 million people watching, advertisers are spending big money to get in front of potential customers.

In addition to the beer, soda, and snack commercials, brands like Doordash, Etsy, Oikos yogurt,, Paramount, and BIC Lighters are entering the mix.

The current favorites around the office ahead of the game are BIC, featuring Snoop, Willie, and Martha, and the BMW ad featuring Christopher Walken. However, the Oikos yogurt gets laughs.

You can preview some of this year's ads ahead of the game at the link.

Which one is your favorite?

Fish Food: For a cool $7 Million, you too can get in front of the biggest TV audience. We’ll have a roundup next week of all the commercials and the real winners and losers in this year's game.

3 Ways Search Marketers Can Prepare for the Big Cookie Crumble - Google is phasing out third-party cookies, and if you’re not ready, it’s okay; there is still time. The article points out #1 - you need a working website. That’s non-negotiable. But the way to tackle the rest is outlined by priority, auditing the use of third-party cookies on your website, and using in-platform data integration with social media like Meta, LinkedIn, and Google itself. Last, measure your current and test efforts, like retargeting, branded keywords, and more generic search terms.

How to Use Emojis Effectively - Which of the following listings gets the best conversion rate?

  • The best coffee in the city!
  • The best coffee ☕ in the city!
  • The best ☕ in the city!

Research says you’re most likely to choose #2 based on the use of an emoji and how it is being used. Thomas McKinley from Ariyh does a deep dive into the science behind the findings from Monash University to give us some definitive answers on how and why we should use emojis.

Here are a couple key findings he points out:

  • Use a non-face emoji
  • Use an emoji next to the word or phrase rather than a replacement
  • Avoid using multiple emojis

Questions Your Website Visitors Want Answered Within 10 Seconds [Infographic] - It’s a competitive world. Is your website capturing enough attention and turning visitors into customers? If you treat it right, your website can be your employee of the month every month. You’ve got about 10 seconds to highlight your company’s value to the world, so your website isn't living up to its potential if you can’t answer the following questions within that time frame.

  • What Are You Selling?
  • Why Should They Care?
  • What’s the Cost?
  • What Differentiates Your Brand From Others?
  • Can I Navigate Your Site With Ease?
  • Who Else is Using It?
  • Can I Trust You?
  • How Can I Contact You?

How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn in 2024, According to LinkedIn's VP of Marketing

Using LinkedIn is a great strategy for many B2B companies for lead generation. HubSpot sat down with LinkedIn’s Jim Habig, VP of Marketing on how to optimize not only your company page but ways he has seen success for LinkedIn Lead Gen campaigns.

LinkedIn’s professional audience has a lot of key decision-makers that your company needs to be in front of. Here are a few ways to optimize your LinkedIn strategy.

  • Optimize your company page to make a strong first impression
  • Leverage individual employees (including company leadership) on LinkedIn pages
  • Post relevant content and engage with your audience
  • Join LinkedIn groups your clients and customers are in
  • Use LinkedIn Ads and sponsored content to ensure your content reaches your intended audience
  • Ensure you have strong sales and marketing alignment
  • Leverage connections with current customers and clients
  • Maintain a consistent presence on the platform

Fish Food: Habig said the two pieces of content that perform the best are educational and thought leadership. Being seen as helpful with your white papers, ebooks, and how-to guides can make your company stand out as a team player. He went on to talk about how establishing your C-Suite as a thought leader in your industry can help put your company above competitors.

SEO Step-by-Step Tutorial: 8 Easy Basics for Beginners to Master - SEO can be intimidating. However, everyone has to start somewhere, and having basic knowledge can help you get your feet wet and not overwhelm you. HubSpot lays out some basic vocabulary, the best learning resources, and a great step-by-step tutorial of easy-to-do SEO research and implementation. These are great steps for the DIY business owner. But if you want to step it up you can always lean on Neon Goldfish to help!

The Art of Engineering AI Prompts - Using AI is not an easy task. You only get out, what you put in. Giving great prompts for what you need is the best way to get the best output from using an AI tool. Dive into the world of AI prompts and best practices on creating the best input for the best output. The article covers

1. Understanding AI Prompts

2. Types of Prompts for Different AI Applications

3. Best Practices for Prompt Engineering

4. Using Prompt Templates

5. Leveraging Examples within Prompts

6. Prompt Chaining for Complex Tasks

7. Feedback Loops for Continuous Improvement

The Buyer’s Journey: How To Reach Your Audience at Every Stage [Infographic]

The buyer’s journey is your customers' path when purchasing your products and services.

This methodology applies to every decision, from car buying to choosing which gum to distinguish the lingering odor from that pungent red onion in your lunch.

Here are the steps of the Buyer’s Journey, along with content types for each:

  • Awareness - Your customer becomes aware of a problem that needs to be solved. Content examples include blog posts, infographics, podcasts, ebooks, cheat sheets, and white papers.
  • Consideration - Now that your customers know this problem, they search for solutions to overcome it. Content examples include case studies, demo videos, quizzes, product webinars, and white papers.
  • Decision - Your customer is ready to purchase but must choose who they will do business with. Content examples include free trials, live demos, consultations, coupons, testimonials, and comparison sheets.
  • Retention - You must show previous customers why they should buy from you again. Content examples include ongoing support, online chat, coupons, loyalty rewards, and email follow-ups.

Fish Food: Connecting with your customers at each stage in their journey can help you stay top of mind when making a purchase and establish trust. In many cases, buying something, even a B2B purchase, is still very much an emotional decision. Who answers my problem best to make me feel comfortable about my purchase? Customers don’t want to be burned - that’s why they might be looking in the first place. Map out your customer’s journey and find areas to connect with them as they progress through your funnel.

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